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    Read this!!! Empty Read this!!!

    Post by Plus on Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:51 am

    Dear members,

    The following guidelines apply to any topic and/or post on the board.
    We care for our members and therefore we will take action if these rules are broken on purpose.

    General etiquette

    Try to be nice
    The success of a forum relies on it's members. Treat people with kindness and they will likely treat you the same. Wether you see this as something spiritual or common sense is up to you.

    Try to be considerate
    Sometimes expressing an opinion can create a lot of tension. Please take your time to phrase down how you feel. Don't allways write down the first thing that comes to mind. In your opinion there might not be much of a difference but, the person you are talking to will be much more likely to respect your opinion. You don't need to sugercoat everything you say either.

    Mind your language
    We did not include a swearfilter for the simple reason that it partly robs you of your freedom of speech. Show all of us, you can handle this freedom by trying to speak proper English and not the kind of trash talk you hear on the streets.

    Nobody's perfect
    Accept that most people do not speak english as a first language. This is why it is hard for some people to do so. You have subjects you're not great at aswell.

    The following links are not allowed and will be removed:
    Links that make your browser crash, or otherwise act strange.
    Links to other harmful content such as Trojans and/or Viruses.
    Links to Phishing sites.

    Unwanted species
    We do not like beggers, flamers and trolls. Go to 4chan or something.

    Personal information
    Do not post creditcardnumbers and values, phonenumbers, e-mailadresses, accountinformation such as ID and PW and/or home addresses. This goes regardless of who or what it belongs to. Therefore cannot be blamed for any exposed account information.

    No 18+ content
    We do not need the websites, movies, images and/or the sound of those pretty specialised biology lessons that you pay attention to every now and then. We can find them by ourselfs and don't need your help.

    No Politics & Religion
    Leave your politics and religion at the door. Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions, but these forums are for fun and for social contact. Discussions can get heated at any moment; politics and religion are two topics that will quickly send a thread down in flames. This also includes political and religious imagery in player signature art, links to political groups and websites and links to religious groups, churches and websites.

    Speak English
    The forumlanguage is English and we would like to keep it that way. Speak English in the chatbox and and your posts. If you wish to speak your own language, then use PMs.

    moderation guidelines
    No one gets favored
    We will treat you all with the same respect, regardless of how long you have been a member of this forum, a player ingame or how high your postcount is or whatever you can come up with. If you wish to show us what you are made off then challenge yourself by becoming a mod and else get back in the line.

    Post moderation
    Posts will be modified and/or deleted when our moderators/admins find content which, is or appears in direct conflict with the forumrules. Moderators/admins will leave a message in the post regarding the issue followed by the mods/admins name.

    Players will recieve a warning when they go too far. This applies to all rules and the general etiquette. A warning is generally considered the last thing you get. When we find you repeating the same mistake or notice you are challenging us with testing how far you can go then, you don't even need to think twice about what happens next.

    Grey areas?
    If any exceptions appear, please kindly contact a mod or admin about the issue. We will tell you wether it's allowed or not. (Preferably by personal message)

    Enjoy your stay.



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